“The” Cocktail

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The cocktail we now know as the martini has a muddy origin story…

…its name has changed over the years, as have its contents (sometimes including sweet vermouth, absinthe, and/or various bitters). But by the early 20th century, what we now refer to as the martini was codified as a mix of London Dry gin and dry vermouth, garnished with an olive or a lemon twist. Since then it has permeated American culture and become an unrivaled symbol of sophistication.

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While its most notable proponent is, of course, James Bond and his famously fussy order in Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale, the drink goes beyond associations with those who have loved it dearly. In its famous conical glass, the martini is a visual currency the world over, on millions of menus and neon signs. In many ways the martini is the cocktail.

There are two main garnish camps in the martini world, a lemon twist or an olive. Both are great and right and true!

The Dry Martini
The word dry sure does pop up a lot of trivia when it comes to martinis. First you’ve got your London dry gin and then you have dry vermouth. But most confusing of all? Dry martinis. In this case, the word dry refers to how much or how trivial vermouth is desired in the cocktail. Drier martinis contain less vermouth. The ratio of gin to vermouth is 3:1.

If you thought it was a bit heavy on the gin, you might like to try…

The 50/50 Martini
Some would say that this 1:1 ratio martini is a different animal altogether. It’s relaxed and effortless, a delightful aperitif.

But if you’re not into gin for your martini, you’ll probably prefer…

The Vodka Martini
Vodka has overtaken American drinking culture and, as a matter of course, has come to be a very common base spirit for the martini. It’s a very refreshing drink when properly diluted and chilled. When ordering, specify that you want a vodka martini, of course.

The Dirty Martini
A martini becomes a dirty martini when olive brine (you know, the juice in the olive jar) is added to the cocktail. Any of the above recipes can be made dirty, but we’d say dry and vodka martinis are the best candidates to start down the dirty road.

If you’re looking to order your first martini, you probably want to know what’s the best? The truth is, the best martini for your first time is a simple one. Go with gin (Tanqueray, Bombay or Hendricks), stirred with an olive.

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