Today, at Bacchus, we celebrate our 8th Anniversary from 4-9pm.

Come by the bar this morning to watch NFL games and stay and celebrate with us. We’ll have passed hors d’oeuvres and entertainment, too. It’ll be a nice way to end your weekend.

8 is the symbol of harmony, balance and abundance.

Here are 8 favorite photos from past events at Bacchus (click to enlarge).

The number 8 pervades our verbiage, too! We’re not talking about “internet 8” :-)

Pieces of 8
The Spanish dollar (silver coin) was known as “a piece of eight”, because it was worth eight trivial reales. Reales was the name of the currency in Spain until 1864.

Behind the 8 Ball
Behind the eight-ball is an English expression implying that one is in an embarrassing situation, out of luck or in trouble.

Magic Eight Ball
The user asks a question holding the toy ball. When the user turns the ball around one of 20 different answers will appear in the window.

The answer is: Come to Bacchus and celebrate with us! Tomorrow night is TRIVIA NIGHT from 7-9:30PM.