The Benefits of Drinking Tequila

Tequila shots are $5 every Thursday at Bacchus. Tequila is great for a lot things – especially making tasty Margaritas – but according to research, it could also be good for you bones.

As reported by Science Daily, a researcher from Mexico has found that the plant used to make tequila contains substances capable of improving absorption of calcium and magnesium. Both minerals essentials to maintaining bone health. The results provide the possibility of developing an alternative treatment for osteoporosis, a disease that is said to affect 200 million people worldwide.

This isn’t the first time tequila has been hailed for its health benefits either.

Aside from its potential to treat osteoporosis, Elite Daily says that it can also help lower blood sugar, aid weight loss and even fight cholesterol. 

Healthy Drinking today: tequila shots are $5 and a classic margarita is only a few bucks more.

shots with clumpy salt

Perfectly balanced, the classic margarita must be sipped ice cold and, once your eyes uncross, you can enjoy another. The lime juice and salt rim should look deliciously clumpy – just how it’s supposed to be.

And, it’s healthy! (in moderation, of course). Balance it all out by filling your tummy with one of our delicious pizzas or sandwiches or even a bag of chips!

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