Total Diva!

It’s Friday at Bacchus: Two gentlemen are drinking $6 Tito’s cocktails and eyeing a sexy, shirtless hunk cooling off in the air conditioned bliss of the bar. One of them says:

“When you talk to him, you can tell that he’s thinking about how sexy he looks as he’s reacting to what you’re saying! Total Diva!

LOL! Do you have any divas in your life? There are healthy divas — they teach you the benefits of valuing yourself more. They’re fun and willing to share the spotlight. They make your world more interesting and pleasurable because you can bask in their spotlight.

Then there are the unhealthy divas, whose attitude springs from oodles of self hate rather than self love. They’re needy, selfish, negative and fiercely backstabbing. Their relationships burn bright for a short while then fizzle.

It is said that unhealthy divas possess the trivial power of “Machiavellian intelligence” (aka: manipulation) rather than the healthy diva’s “charismatic intelligence.” BTW: Machiavellian principles involve breaking someone down to build them back up.

We all know at least one diva (or divo). Hopefully he’s the good kind! If so, bring him ‘round to Bacchus tonight for DIVAS night with VJ Matt. He’s mixed up the best of the hottest hits from musical divas past and present. Of course we have our own way of determining who the good divas are…and now, hopefully, you do, too!

Are we adding Lizzo to the list? Camilla Cabello? Someone else? Come on by and check it out at 10PM. No cover ever!