Smooth AND Hairy – a Two-Fer!

You like 'em smooth? You like 'em hairy? Every gay's favorite app, SCRUFF has conducted a survey, SCRUFFtistics: Body Hair Nation, An in-FUR-mative look at North America’s state of a-hairs to determine which of these United States offers up the most and least hirsute gentlemen.

You'll probably guess that Hawaiian men rank smoothest. You'd be right. Vermonters are the hairiest. Smooth or hairy, you're welcome at Bacchus any time. Today, for instance – it's Wooden Nickel Wednesday, enjoy our 2-4-1 cocktail special. Purchase one cocktail and receive a second one for no additional cost OR if you don't want to lug around two drinks, take our Wooden Nickel - good for the second drink - and you can use it any day, any time. It's a great two-fer.