Monday, March 5th at 7PM

Eight teams competed at Bacchus Trivia Night, Monday, February 5th - the theme was H2O. As always, Ty, our MC guided contestants through six rounds of wonderful questions about water, H’s and O’s. Questions ranged from the spelling of SCHIZOPHRENIA to the moral quandry called THE TROLLEY PROBLEM. The teams were very competitive with team Butthole Surfers maintaining a slight edge into the final music round. When it was all over, team Nintendo Switch Hitters had a come-from-behind (LOL) victory! Congrats!

Here is how the rest of the standings played out, second place team (returning champs) Butthole Surfers; third: Ballistic Missiles. Fourth place went to team Oh, Crap! and fifth to the visitors from L.A., 3 Dicks/1 Puss. Tied for sixth place: visiting Canadians on team Meghan Markle and local team Reserved. Eight place went to a pick-up team and new friends called The New Guys.

We’re love it when new teams join us. Thanks to returning teams, too! We encourage everyone to let your friends know about Trivia Night at Bacchus.

Thanks to David B for serving up pizzas and sandwiches! Thanks again to host Ty. And thanks to Bill for setting up the event and to Brett, Joey and Luke for tending to the drinking needs of the trivia teams.

Below are samples from the two General Knowledge rounds (click to enlarge). How would you have done? 
Answers at bottom of this post.


See you again for Trivia on Monday, March 5th at 7PM. The theme will be THREESOMES! Check the blog daily for hints and clues to questions that will be asked that trivia night. Check it daily–the hints are sometimes removed after 24 hours. :-)

R1 Multiple Choice Answers: 1. BLUE & WHITE; 2. SNAP; 3. HONOLULU; 4. Q; 5. THAILAND; 6. ALARM CLOCK; 7. STORMI; 8. XYLEM; 9. ECUADOR; 10. ALOHA. R4 Answers: 1. CO2; 2. TOBY KEITH; 3. B. 1 INCH; 4. IT RAINS; 5. YES; 6. X-COUNTRY SKIING; 7. KISS ME KATE; 8. THE BOYS IN THE BAND; 9. TRUE; 10. BRANDING IRON.