Monday, April 2nd at 7PM

Thirteen teams competed at Bacchus Trivia Night, Monday, March 19th - the theme was LAUGHTER. Yuks and chuckles and chortles could be heard throughout the night as host Ty read the questions and expertly directed contestants through the competition. Teams were challenged with identifying comic strips and stripped comics. They also had to identify the correct and incorrect titles of books, porn films, headlines, and often silly questions about current events. When round 6 ended, with a score of 51 out of a possible 70, team Gay Porn Pizza Gift pummeled the competition. Congratulations to them!


2nd Place was a tie at 47, and the tiebreaker went to Team Gan With The Wind, 3rd to Simple Minds; 4th: Stranger Danger; 5th: My Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem; 6th: Team Oreo; 7th: Whoop There It Is; 8th: No Clue; 9th: The Bulldogs; 10th: The Rendanators; 11th: Torres; 12th: Team VaJayJays; and 13th: Team Canababe. And, to be fair, the teams placed 8-13 did not compete in all the rounds. Here are some shots from the night. Click to enlarge.

We love a full house — spread the word: Bacchus Trivia is fun!!! Thanks to all who came to play!

Thanks to Bill for setting up the event and to Brett for expertly manning the bar and oven for the first two hours. Thanks to Ty for hosting and providing questions for the R6. :-)

Below are samples from the two General Knowledge rounds (click to enlarge). How would you have done? 
Answers at bottom of the page.

See you again for Trivia on Monday, April 2nd at 7PM. The theme will be FOURSOMES! - you know, things that come in groups of 4. ;-) Check the blog daily for hints and clues to questions that will be asked that trivia night. Check it daily–the hints are sometimes removed after 24 hours. :-)

R1 Multiple Choice Answers: 1. SHOES; 2. RAGNARÖK; 3. OSTRICHES; 4. DON'T ASK/DON'T TELL; 5. WOOF; 6. FRITO LAY; 7. TRUMAN; 8. 31 TEAMS; 9. ADAM'S APPLE; 10. 100°. R4 Answers: 1. SUN DOGS; 2. MILLER; 3. 13TH; 4. SCUZZLEBUTT; 5. DIRTY LITTLE SECRET; 6. PATSY & EDINA; 7. NETWORK; 8. ANCHOVIES; 9. FLAME ON; 10. A.