Monday, June 5th at 7PM

Ten teams competed for the trophy and toughed it out through six rounds of questions. Congratulations to the Team We Are Groot! who beat out Team Barry Whites and team Betty Whites for the win!

Thank you to the other contenders: team Tequila Misoftly, team Potted, team Sandy Bottoms, team Mandlanders, team Who is Judy Crawford?, team Cheers Queers, and team Nerfherders.

Team We Are Groot led from the beginning only to slip to second in Round 5, the Barry Manilow round (Lola was a showgirl!). Click to enlarge the photos.

Here's a sample from the two General Knowlege rounds (click to enlarge). How would you have done?
Answers at bottom of post.

Thanks to all teams who showed up and thanks again to Ty for another great job as host and thanks to Bill, Andrew and David for helping with the set up and Malcolm, Luke and especially Brett for outstanding service!

See you again for Trivia on Monday, June 5th at 7PM. Check the blog daily for hints and clues to questions that will be asked that trivia night. Check it daily because the hints are often removed after 24 hours. :-)

R1 Multiple Choice Answers: 1. Keebler Elves; 2. Malaysia; 3. Laker Girls; 4. Cherry Blossom; 5. Jefferson; 6. 13; 7. Copper; 8. TV Guide; 9. McCabe; 10. Smize. R4 Answers: 1. Hotel California; 2. Hogan's Heroes; 3. Pee Wee's Playhouse; 4. Shiatsu; 5. Kraken; 6. Waiting for Godot; 7. Rick Astley; 8. Grin and Bear It; 9. Lonely Island; 10. 1974.