Monday, February 5th at 7PM

Ten teams started (and 8 teams finished) Bacchus Trivia Night, Monday, January 4th - the theme was MUSIC, MOVIES & THEATER. Who didn’t love Andrew’s margaritas or Chef David’s salumi flatbread pizza? Our host Ty coolly guided us through the first round (minor technical difficulties) and expertly helped us sail through the remaining 5 rounds. Questions ranged from the name of the reindeer in Frozen to identifying birthday celebrant Grandmaster Flash from a photo and facts. The competition remained close into the final round. When it was all over, we had a repeat champion, Don’t Cry For Me Tequila (last time they were named the Festivus Pole Dancers!) were able to hold first place from round 2 to the end!

Congratulations to them AND to the other teams: Butch and the Blue Nails, Nine Inch Males, Cool Name Pending, Chris Hanson Is A Cock Block, Red Jets, The Bitch Is Back, and D-Day. Teams Greg & Murat and Luke L disappeared.

A big thanks to all!

Just like last time, we’re so happy when new teams join us. Thanks to returning teams, too! We encourage everyone to let your friends know about Trivia Night at Bacchus.

Thanks again to chef David R for the excellent food! Thanks to host Ty. And thanks to Bill for setting up the event and to Andrew, Joey and Josh for tending to the drinking needs of the trivia teams.

Below are samples from the two General Knowledge rounds (click to enlarge). How would you have done? 
Answers at bottom of this post.



Your TRIVIA host

See you again for Trivia on Monday, January 15th at 7PM. The theme will be That’s Hot! Check the blog daily for hints and clues to questions that will be asked that trivia night. Check it daily–the hints are often removed after 24 hours. :-)

R1 Multiple Choice Answers: 1.BILL MURRAY; 2. WINDSOR CASTLE; 3. CHARLOTTE BRONTE; 4. HONG KONG; 5. CUBA LIBRE; 6. ROAR; 7. ALICIA VIKANDER; 8. PERU; 9. A HANDBAG; 10. A PALM TREE. R4 Answers: 1. AROMA; 2. 1960s; 3. MAY; 4. MY COUNTRY ‘TIS OF THEE ; 5. CONSENSUAL; 6. 1930s; 7. BUCKLE DOWN; 8. 80%; 9. HAIR; 10. BEFORE (in 1878).